Black Friday Alternatives

Some deals are too good to pass up.

There are countless amazing accounts putting out sales ideas and gift guides throughout the internet.

Here are a few small steps to give back to the community this season. There are so many ways to support the community – individually or as a family tradition. No contribution is too small and it will make a tremendous impact on the community – locally or from a distance.

SK Black Friday Alternatives

Foster Care Support

Children in and aged-out of foster care always need additional love.

Pet Foster and Rescue

Like many large cities, Houston does have a large stray animal population. We also have some amazing organizations to help. Supporting the SPCA and other national organizations can be useful, but I prefer to support our local organizations – knowing that the funds go directly to animal care, rather than lobbying.

If you have a pet, check with your own vet to see if they have a wish list or an account to help cover their pro bono costs. Another great place for donations are your local animal shelters.

Search here for local No Kill Animal Shelters near you.

This is a great opportunity to look after the various animals in your community.

Local Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations are wrapping up their fiscal years as the holidays are taking place. This is a difficult time for many to ask for donations as they know most family’s available funds are going toward other purchases. There may be a local-to-you nonprofit who have been posting about donation requests. This may be the right time for you to share.

The Houston Zoo does a Gift of Grub drive, which always makes me chuckle. The donations go to general operating expenses but the amounts are broken down into how much food for a particular animal it could serve.

Houston Zoo Gift of Grub Image

If you have a local zoo, aquarium, art museum, etc. that you love,
this could be a great holiday gift for them.

One Final Idea

Shop small this holiday season and support real live humans who live and work in your community!

Who is local to you that could really benefit from a sale?


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