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This is a photo of the Empire State Building going dark to honor the people who died in a mass shooting. But it wasn’t taken tonight. I remember seeing it and saving it after another mass shooting several months ago. I cannot tell you which mass shooting it was, because there have been so many of them since. There have been 252 mass shootings in the US this year, to be exact. Although according to my google search, that statistic was posted 17 hours ago, so it might have already increased. After the mass shooting in New Zealand, they passed gun control laws six days later. But today I am hearing so many Americans blame mental illness. Well, there are mental health problems in other countries and none of them have as many mass shootings as we do. There are also tons of women with mental health issues and I don’t see any of them going on mass shooting sprees. I heard people are blaming video games. Well, Japan plays more video games than anyone and they don’t have a mass shooting problem. They don’t have nearly as many guns though 🤷🏻‍♀️ The NYTimes just released a study that said only Yemen has a higher rate of mass shootings than the US. Yemen has the world’s 2nd-highest rate of gun ownership after the U.S, so go figure. The problem seems obvious. How do we fix it? Well, the House passed gun control legislation that requires background checks on all gun sales and supports Red Flag laws which seize guns from those who pose a real threat of violence, which sounds like a good start. Unfortunately, this bill has been sitting in the Senate for over 200 days, blocked by Mitch McConnell who is preventing it from going to a vote. Is it really that easy for our government to work against the safety of its own people? If you’d like to email your Senator to demand this bill go to a vote, I put the link to a form from @everytown in my bio. My heart breaks for everyone in El Paso, every one in Dayton, every student who has to sit through active shooter drills, every person who just wants to go to a concert, a restaurant, a store, a garlic festival without fear of getting gunned down by a radicalized male white supremacist. I am so sad and scared for our country 💔

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My message to the president on gun violence.

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Learn! Another! Language!

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