Friday Faves: Playlists

Happy Friday!


I hope you are having an excellent summer so far.

Right around this time each year, I start to be annoyed as hell that the popular “song of summer.”

Despacito, anyone?


This year it’s Meet Me in the Middle


(thank for nothing Target)


Like nails on a chalkboard.



When this happens, I often revert to some old CDs or playlists.

I thought I would share some, in case anyone else needs some new/old music to listen to.

I am clearly dating myself by these, but oh well.

Playlist 1



This one’s just for fun. And it makes an hour long commute much better.

Playlist 2


Chillin’ with the Girls

For when you want to just be.


Playlist 3


Rough Day – Angry

For when your day sucked and you want to wallow in it.



Hope you have a great weekend!


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