Chatting about Easter Basket Favorites

Hi, there!


We are wrapping up Spring Break around here.

I am SO glad that this week coincided with Daylight Saving Time starting.



I’m kind of thinking of moving to Florida….

At any rate, I am thinking ahead to Easter, which seems to be quickly sneaking up on us – it’s on April 1st this year.

Easter Baskets

Last year, MyChild’s Easter basket was not a basket per se


It was really just an excuse to get her her own umbrella. Sharing an umbrella with a five-year-old is not the most fun thing to do.

Some standard other things we love to include in her basket are:


These were in last year’s basket.



But, MyChild has entered an in between stage where she likes Legos, but they definitely don’t keep her attention like they did a year or two ago. So, MyHusband and I just buy ourselves the ones we like in the mean time and will figure something else our for her basket this year.


This is one we are cycling back to. For a time, mostly when she was four, she didn’t like her hands to be messy, so chalk was not fun for her. Within the past year, it has become enjoyable again, so I am looking forward to including these in her basket this year:



Art Books

This one may be specific to MyChild, but we can never go wrong with new art supplies. In the past is has been canvas boards, scratch art books, paint sticks, oil pastels, and so on. One of my favorite supplies for a child is this blank art book


The paper is perfect for ANY type of art – watercolor, markers, crayons, pencil, thicker paint, etc. It is a very verstile paper and the size (5.5″ x 8.5″) is great for young artists.


Last year, I just didn’t want to give MyChild a bunch of candy (which is my go-to in her eggs). My brilliant idea was to put one Shopkin in each egg. She LOVED it. She has always loved the tiny toys and I figured out a storage solution last summer to make it more manageable for myself.

Though, looking at this now, I can tell we need to clean out her backpack and the playroom. These are antique letterpress trays and they are currently suspiciously empty. 🤔


We don’t really need an excuse to bring more books into this house, but they do seem to appear at every holiday as well. #noshame

Last year, the Easter Bunny brought MyChild the newest book from the Princess in Black series. You can see my other favorite books for kids here.

One last thing that the Easter Bunny is bringing MyChild this year is this


Normally, EB is not so generous, but….

I wanted to get her this scooter for Christmas, but with all the other things she was getting from us and Santa, it just would have been too much. We’ve decided to give it to her now because we have been taking more family walks and this is something I know will make it more fun for her.

What are your favorite things to include in your child(ren)’s Easter Baskets?

Hope you have a great weekend!



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