Quick Sunday Recap

Good Monday Morning!



I hope you had a great weekend! It is surreal to realize that we are at T-7 days until Christmas. And I’m okay with this.

I mentioned to a friend recently, that typically I am all about LET’S DO EVERYTHING at Christmas. This year, however, I’m just not. The laid-back route seems much more fun. We’ve checked off just about everything on our December list, but not with the speed and intensity of years past. And I think we are all okay with that.

Yesterday, we accomplished several things, but it was also calm and simple.

We went to the mall so MyChild could visit Santa.


We added to our light saber collection.

IMG_20171218_083910.jpgYoda’s saber (the green one) is the new one. We’ve had the others for a year, I think. They are here: Rey’s, Kylo Ren’s, Yoda’s. They also have Darth Vader’s, the Storm Trooper Laser Axe, and the Elite Praetorian Guard Double Sword. Oh! Reason these are so cool: they interact with each other! Lights, sound, vibrations. It makes light saber battles in the living room extra cool

We decorated sugar cookie houses.


Cookie cutter is HERE.

We chilled.


Art break. Because just about every day has an art break.


And we finished the day watching cartoons and Christmas episodes.


Hope your Monday is great!

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