Christmas Decor 2017

Last weekend I was a little decorating maniac….

because I wanted it checked off my to do list.


I am not one for clutter, so the idea of putting out all of my  holiday stuff just seems like too much. And then… I love it and don’t want to take it down after Christmas. BUT, then when I do, I love the clean space again.  #rollercoaster



The Family Christmas Tree

(with our Advent Books underneath)

Of course, I noticed AFTER this photo that one of our dogs knocked part of the ribbon off the bottom. #nofilter

This tree is prelit (aren’t they all anymore?) and I spent all of 5 minutes fluffing it up.

Our decorations are stored in the attic over our garage. To get them, I have to go up and down one of those pull-down ladders from the ceiling. After 5 years of nearly killing ourselves and/or each other each December getting the damn tree bag down, last year I had a stroke of brilliance. Our ONE large tree is stored in TWO bags. #genius The top and middle fit into one and the bottom and stand/basked are in the other. So light. So easy to carry. Less holiday murder.


Nativity Hurricanes

This is new. I purchased this set of hurricanes from DaySpring during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. It is beautiful and I love it already.



We don’t have a fireplace, so no mantle to hand our stockings by with care. I love our solution. These are all from Pottery Barn (important note I just learned: Pottery Barn KIDS… or you won’t find them). I got them last year during a major sale with free personalization – the only way to buy things from Pottery Barn.


Window #1

Again, no mantle, so I’ve made my own spaces throughout they house. In our kitchen, two large windows form the corner of our house( _| ) and I added shelves to give it more life. I do love decorating these for Christmas – so many extra lights makes it very cozy.


Window #2

These houses are from Michael’s (last year), but I think I’ve seen them there again this year. I made the green trees with Styrofoam cones and green yarn. The white abstract trees were from Hobby Lobby last year.


MyChild’s Tree

She has had her own tree to decorate since she was 2 (four years, now). It was a great way to create boundaries about not taking ornaments, playing with glass things, breaking things from the big tree. Usually we put this upstairs in the playroom, but she requested it be in the living room this year. Who am I to argue? It’s a four foot pre-lit tree from Target, so is the star (similar).




There are various play sets around, as well.

Funko Pop Rudolph and Friends

I actually got this whole set (individually) at Barnes and Nobles one year.


Fischer Price Nativity


This is the full set we have – the manger with the Holy Family, the Three Wise Men, and the Shepherds. It actually came in three parts when I bought it 5ish years ago. They’ve updated it a bit since then.


Hope your decorating is fun!


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