Show and Tell Tuesday: Need, Want, Wear, Read

Happy Giving Tuesday!


As I have mentioned, I work for a non-profit. We do NOT participate in Giving Tuesday – it is NOT the best way for us to raise money.

BUT, I (personally) DO participate. This year we are supporting a couple of local organizations, including the Houston Zoo, which hold a special place in our hearts. Everyone’s reasons for giving and places to give is unique and special to them. If you are looking for somewhere new to donate your time or money, I would again encourage you to check out Charity Navigator to ensure you are supporting someone/place who will do good things with your contribution.


I am also linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday this week, because it’s fun.


I try to go by the “Something you need, something you want, something you’ll wear, and something you’ll read” when buying gifts for MyHusband and MyChild. It’s a little more difficult when I’m thinking of myself….


Here’s what I need:


Who doesn’t? Right?


Beautiful above and underwater landscape of a tropical resort

You with me?

Well, you can’t – the less people, the better. You can get your own.  🙂



I think I am finally jumping on the bandwagon. Some of these over-the-knee-boot outfits are SO nice. Honestly, I don’t even know if they would work for my body type, but I also haven’t done anything to find out. But, I am seriously starting to try it out. Now to figure out what style and color I want….. first….



We probably should not encourage my tenancies to buy books to just keep in my house (R.I.P. #100daysofSKreadingpile). HOWEVER, I always have a running wishlist on Amazon (currently with 63 books on it). Scrolling through, this one is the one I would be most likely to start reading right now:



Happy Tuesday!

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