Friday Fives: Self-Care

T minus 13 days until Thanksgiving.

5 more days of work and school until we are on break/vacation/ROADTRIP.

3 more applications and reports to get submitted before said break.

2 more soccer games. #thanktheLord


This has been a few months jammed packed with so much.

Even before Hurricane Harvey (fun fact: everyone on Houston judges their lives by pre- or post-Harvey and we all realize it was two months ago and say, “is that all?!?”), things were stressful and busy. Then you add in a major natural disaster, the exciting chaos of your team winning the World Series, Halloween, all the other things you have to do on a regular basis – WHY do we need to do laundry? Do we REALLY need to go grocery shopping? – and all the chaos in the world and 90% of the time I feel like this:


I know this is a time I need to practice better self-care, but most of the time, I just don’t want to put the effort in. It is SO much easier to mindlessly scroll through Instagram. But, I know I should.

5 Simple Self-care Ideas When it All Gets To Be Too Much

1. Do something mindless. WITHOUT guilt.


I do this at work when I need a break. Zero guilt.

2. Do something physical. 




Run (or walk) around the block

3. Brighten things up a bit.


For example:

I bought myself flowers for my tiny, tiny little office.

4. Hug Someone.

Preferably someone you know, but you do you.



* Physical touch is MyHusband and MyChild’s primary Love Language. It is not mine, but I have learned to freely give when they need it. And, I DO feel better after a hug or sometimes just contact.

5. Build a Fort*


*results may vary.

May also be substituted with baking and/or cookies, coloring, going shopping, or anything else that makes YOU happy.




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