Show and Tell Tuesday: A Day in the Life

I admit – I love going behind the scenes. A peak behind the curtain. Learning how things are done. How they are made. What REALLY goes on.

Similar to What’s on your phone or What’s in your bag, I really enjoy day in the life posts.

Here we go.

I tried my best to regularly take photos, but forgot more than I’d like.

6:24 am. On a Sunday. Thank you #MyChild.


Followed closely by, “if it’s not the human child, it’s one of these two.”


Quick pre-breakfast. #noshame

(favorite cookies, but too lazy to make individual ones.)


Started pulled pork in the slow cooker. Dinner = sorted.


Somewhere around 8:30 am I took a shower and finally put in my contacts.


Someone was telling me it was WAY past her breakfast time.



I forgot to take any photos of lunch. We tried out a new (to us) Japanese and sushi buffet. My plate was FULL of a variety of rolls. 🙂

After lunch we headed to the movies.


Honestly, I was probably just as excited as #MyChild.


Back home, meal prepping like a boss.


Early bath time, because sometimes we each need quite time. #amen


Sunday night homework, because it always gets forgotten.


After bedtime, clean up, Monday prep, and more clean up, #MyHusband and I finished the night watching the Texans loose the game and a few players on Sunday Night Football.



Hope you have a great week!


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