Friday Fives: Timing

Happy Friday, Y’all!


Have you had a rough week? Month? Year? [slowly raises own hand]

I don’t like to dwell on things that have gone wrong, but sometimes that list just keeps growing and you realize you haven’t had a break from rough/bad in too long and then you want to sit down in the corner and not do ANYTHING. #anyonewithme?

Lately, certain little things have been popping up on my radar to help lift my mood. I haven’t gone searching for any of these, they’ve come to me on their own. I would like to share and perhaps lift your mood for a moment or two, if I can.

1. In my Bloglovin reader – The Girl Who Loved to Write


I have never met Chelsea, but she has an amazing talent for writing things that I didn’t even realize I needed to hear at that time.  This one was so great, because I realized that, yes, I WAS trying to live up to someone else’s expectations/[false]perceptions of me.

2. On my LinkedIn yesterday – chess pieces


I have mentioned my frustrations at work a couple of times before (Impostor Syndrome | The Struggle is Real) and lately, they are all still true. This article was in my LinkedIn feed and it took all I had to not yell out, “EXACTLY!”

3. From Instagram via SELF Magazine –> Be yourself – Healthy Bunhead

Healthy Bunhead - Be You

4. On Facebook Jen HatmakerJenHatmaker Finish

I am WONDERFUL at starting things. I can do the big plans so well. Then…. the small parts come. It’s not even that I get bogged down in the details and freeze. Usually, I start thinking about how much I could screw this or that up and what if I lose a lot of our money, what if I do something (accidentally) illegal, what if someone gets hurt?

I am going to look into this book to see if it has any insights I can hold on to to become better at the follow through and finishing.

5. Happy First Day of Fall!

MyChild asked me earlier this week if fall started on Friday (today). I told her, “Yeeesss. But please remember you live in Houston. We don’t really have fall like you see in books.”





I hope you have a great day!


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