The Other Side of Hurricane Harvey


I’m here.

MY family is safe. MY home is dry. MY neighborhood is already cleaning up.

There are SO many people whose families are not okay, whose homes are underwater, who have no idea what is next for them.

The storm hit on Friday, made landfall about a 2 hour drive southeast of Houston, took a LONG time to come inland, just swirling and raining. The thing with this storm is how SLOW it has been – making landfall at 8 mph, turning east at 7 mph, stalling over Houston, and finally moving out at 2 mph. #goawayHarvey

For a little perspective:



Many other amazing writers have posted a variety of ways you can help, if you choose.

Just find the #houstonstrong tag on Instagram or check out these:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund – set up by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

How to Help Out In Houston – by Mommy Shorts

Hurricane Harvey – Ways to Help – by Fancy Ashley

Help for Houston – by The Larson Lingo

Houston Theaters Survey the Damage – by American Theater



Our city will get through this. Our city will continue to be strong. We are so grateful for every single person, prayer, and thought that has been sent our way lately.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight, please.


courtesy Red Stripe Photography

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