Starting Kindergarten



I know I am obviously not the first parent to send my first/only child to school. I know MyChild is in a class of other first time kindergarteners. I know many other parents have struggled with the reality of letting their kid go. I know. I know.

I was FINE with the entire situation. Hell, I was seriously looking forward to it. It was a long boring summer for her with the summer camps we picked. I feel terrible. Next summer will be better. I was ready. MyHusband was ready. She was ready.

We attended the back-to-school events as good little families do. We had her backpack, lunch bag, and all the supplies ready. I had the uniforms washed and ironed and hanging in her closet all ready.

We staged the first day photo (we leave too early in the morning to get a good one).

Kinder 2017 crop

We were all so excited.

Then the night before came.

There were tears.

I HATE when she cries and I have to be strong and comfort her, when all I want to do is cuddle up this little baby and keep her safe from the world.

Newborn sm

I mean, look at her! She’s so tiny. She’s fragile. She needs help to do anything everything. HOW can I make her go off into the world without holding her hand?!?! What kind of mother am I?

Then the next morning:



Clearly, she’s fine. Every day since, she comes home with plenty to tell us.

Maybe…. just maybe… she’s going to be just fine in the world.




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