Friday Faves: Summer Necessities

Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing the top five things I need during summer with MyChild.

1. Hanna Andersson Swim Separates

We have used rash guards for MyChild since her first swimsuit. A. It is super helpful with sun protection, of course, and B. It is SO much easier to hold onto or catch a wet child when they have more fabric on and less slippery skin to try to grab. #momtip

I love the quality of Hanna Andersson clothes and swim gear, so we keep using them. This year she chose pieces from their rainbow line – this was in April, though. Usually, we only have two rash guards and two swim skirts, but this year she was going to be in the pool or splashpad 4 days out of 5 at camp, so I wanted to make laundry much easier on myself.

2. Sunscreen

Common sense, I know. But these two are our favorite for the whole family.


Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion – we use SPF 70, but they have options

I think the main reason I like Aveeno’s sun care line so much is that it does not feel greasy after you apply. It absorbs nicely and I don’t feel like my face is going to break out because of it.

3. Bug Lotion (as we affectionately call it)

MyChild reacts pretty badly to mosquito bites. Which wouldn’t be much of a problem if we didn’t live in the south where mosquitoes are practically the official state insect.


California Baby Summer Blend Everyday Lotion

I know this isn’t a typical bug repellent, but what I needed at the time (and still use it for) was a base layer against insects. During preschool and summer camp, the teachers help the kids spray on bug spray when they go outside. But, as we all know can and does happen, sometimes this spray-session was missed, forgotten, or not too thorough. I found that the lemongrass and cedar oils in this lotion provided protection even without additional spray. There is a smell when you first apply it – MyChild and I both like it – but the smell itself is hardly noticeable within 20 minutes.

4. Fairy Tales Hair Care


Since early spring, we have been using Fairy Tales Hair Care Tangle Tamers on MyChild’s hair. She has long, blonde hair that is fine, but a LOT of it. This trio has been awesome!

BUT… I have noticed that after 6 weeks of 4 days a week in chlorinated water has taken a toll on her hair. So, I found their Sun & Swim line. The shampoo is clarifying to remove any chemical and mineral (and whatever else) in her hair, but then that conditioner is so thick and makes her hair so soft, I am considering using it on my own hair.

Oh, and MyChild would like you to know that she thinks they ALL smell great! šŸ™‚

5. HaloTop Ice Cream


I am not going to lie. This is HANDS DOWN my favorite ice cream. There is the “healthy” factor and the part where you can eat an entire carton for roughly 300 calories (depending on which flavor you pick), but seriously that chocolate is the best I’ve ever had. Even counting some of these local/small places that churn and make their own…. [hides head in shame]. No! No shame. The flavors are SOOOOOOO good.

I have NO problem giving MyChild a snack with a couple scoops of this ice cream in the afternoon…. and eating an entire pint of chocolate after she goes to bed. šŸ™‚


Hope your summer is going great and we shall not speak of back to school…. for at least another week.


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