#the100daysproject: Crashed and Burned

There is no other way to say it.

I failed.

The #the100daysproject officially ended yesterday. I did not succeed.

I know that I picked two projects that did not completely fit within the spirit of the project, but still.

I read ONE new book during this time period. AND it wasn’t even on my original To Be Read pile! I DID love it.

And, in my defense, I re-read two other books and started about 4 new books. But, it’s just that follow through. I AM still trying and I still have myself on lock-down from buying any other books until I make a dent in that stack.


My #100daysofsklettering wasn’t quite so much of a failure. I HAVE practiced and I understand how to make the letters (mostly) do what I want. I have been utilizing some of this in my bullet journal for fun. I do have some projects in mind for around my house with some lettering skills, but we’ll see what happens.

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