Friday Fives: Family Vacations

I know we are in the heart of summer and vacation season. I thought I’d drop in with our favorite things to do anywhere we travel as a family.

1. Visit the zoo (or aquarium)

This one came up just because it was easy. So far, every place we’ve traveled as a family has had a zoo. Some are much smaller than others, but no matter what it seems to be a big hit all around.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

Omaha Zoo sm

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo sm


Audubon Zoo

Audobon Zoo sm

Utah’s Hoggle Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium sm

2. Food

MY big thing is to try things that we can’t necessarily get at home.

That doesn’t mean we don’t eat pizza in every city, but with the amazing seafood options on Magazine Street in New Orleans, or an awesome sandwich shop in Salt Lake City, why stick to the chains that we can visit any time at home?

3. Buy a Magnet

When #MyHusband and I first started traveling together, we started buy kitchy magnets of any of the major attractions we visited. We have kept that up as we travel as a family. Our fridge is pretty awesome. It’s so nice to look at those magnets and remember some amazing times together.

4. Swim

We may live in the south, but swimming still generally happens only during the summer, so, as any good parent, we make sure we book our stay at a hotel with a decent pool.

5. Enjoy being together

I know. I know. This sounds like a Hallmark card, but sometimes I need this reminder myself. There will inevitably be a fight (big or small) – someone will be hangry, traffic will suck, there will be construction you didn’t know about, three lines will be longer than your kid can handle. Just TRY to remember that you DO love these people and you truly enjoy their company.  

Happy traveling!

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