Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on 2020

This year has been something.

I am never one for reminiscing.

Something about always only thinking of the ways I screwed up and/or embarrassed the hell out of myself. Something about how an Enneagram 6 is focused in the present (explains a LOT, actually). Something about me just being done with the things in the past. Also,

But, really, this year has looked like this

One thing I think most of us have done this year is change.
It means there has been growth.

Change definition and synonyms

I find this a great time to reevaluate all of the media I am consuming.
A little bit of a cleanout of my IG follows and YouTube subscriptions, etc.

Here are some things to consider during this process:

Has their humor change? Was it always not that funny and you just got smarter?
Do they go above and beyond to explain their position? Aka over-explain. Aka mansplain.
Does some of their humor center around making fun of other people?

Their position is not necessarily wrong or problematic, it’s just not aligning with your current mentality.

Do you find yourself always skipping through their stories or muting their videos.

You have permission to unfollow.

It doesn’t matter if you were there since the beginning. Some relationships need to end.

Their stuff might not necessarily be toxic, but is it really good for your mental health?

How often do you view their content, listen to their stuff, read their words… only because you always have?

You have permission to unfollow.

See you next year!


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