Unprecedented 2.0

Last year I wrote about the word unprecedented:

I hear that word in new broadcasts, headlines, and articles so often that I have started to think:

unprecedented definition

I’m [still] exhausted by all of
the “unprecedented” things
happening in our world.

Looking VERY close to home:

Click through this whole thread to understand what is happening and WHY

Ways to Help or Get Help:

My family is starting to use this chart on the daily:

Before you laugh at or share those jokes or memes about how Texans should just toughen up or whatever. Please understand – our homes are literally not made for this weather. I am from the Midwest – I have been through blizzards, ice storms, all of it – I know how to deal with the cold. It’s not the same here. Our houses aren’t insulated for the very cold – prepared to withstand a Category 3 hurricane, sure; freezing temps with now power, not so much. My house currently looks like we were planning for a flood – there are towels and blankets blocking every possible window, doorway, drafty spot, everything. We’ve closed vents and doors on rooms to keep the cold out and the warmth centralized so our furnace doesn’t get too over taxed. We’ve unplugged every possible thing in our house to help conserve energy. We have 3 blankets on every bed and my dog has taken to needing her own blanket while sleeping on the sofa. I am one of the lucky ones who only lost power for 27 hours when the lows dropped to single digits. In Houston, TX. We’ve withstood rolling blackouts for 3 days hoping they can fix the entire grid to get power AND HEAT to everyone. We are conserving as much water as possible to ensure the Boil Notices can be lifted as soon as possible.

Texans ARE being as tough as we always are (#houstonstrong #texanstrong).


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