Take What You Need – Thanksgiving Edition

Here we are.

We are in the home stretch of this week’s holiday. Which, may be filled with family, travel, crankiness, bickering, trauma, drama, love, laughter, tears, frustrations, extreme joy, and some many things all in one day.

I’m here with a short post of a variety of things. Please, take what you need.

SK Post it - Take What You Need Thanksgiving

For when you (inevitably) need a break

For when you need a reminder that your boundaries are valid

For when your boundaries are crossed, but they try to do better

For when you’re getting ready to drive anywhere

For when the gaslighting gets a little strong and you need to remember your memories are real

For when you just want to eat the damn meal!

For when you feel like you need to be the referee

For when you want to find the joy in the little things

For when your friend, partner, family member needs to unload

For when it’s time to come up with an exit strategy

And to remember the whole Damn time!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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