Show Review – Wedding Season

Wedding Season

Wedding Season Movie Poster

Netflix Original: Wedding Season

Show Description:

After breaking off her engagement, leaving a successful banking career behind in the city, and moving to New Jersey for a fresh start, Asha couldn’t feel more alive. Her mother, on the other hand, thinks that her oldest daughter is about to miss a lifetime of happiness if she doesn’t take her focus away from her new startup job and place it on finding a husband instead. Taking matters into her own hands, Asha’s mother creates an online dating profile in order to set Asha up with a “perfect” match. Enter Ravi – or rather Ravi’s parents – who have the exact same idea for their son. Asha and Ravi’s reluctant first date is a bust, and they quickly discover that each is in a seemingly different place in their life right now. After realizing her mother is relentless and will not give up, Asha proposes a plan to Ravi that would be a win-win for both: a pretend relationship to be each other’s date to get through the upcoming wedding season. Through countless invitations, dances and dresses in the next three months, Asha and Ravi slowly come to find that they might have more in common than they think. Maybe their parents were onto something after all.

My Take:

SK Show Review - Wedding Season

Really well written and the acting is great!

I generally stay away from the Fake Dating Trope. I just don’t like the scenario. The description seemed too good to pass up on the morning I had free time and the TV to myself, so I decided to give this one a try. I am so glad I did. It is a really good movie to watch. I also realized why I don’t gravitate towards the Fake Dating trope – there always has to be the moment of pain. There has to be that utter breakdown for the characters to realize what they are about to lose. The writing in this movie did such a good job, I was nearly in tears when that moment came.

Such a good rom-com!

This movie goes back to those cute rom-coms of the 90s. And I mean that in a completely complimentary way. Sometimes you just want a story with a happy ending. There was plenty of comedy, secrecy, drama, and surprises involved to make it interesting, but in the end (spoiler) everything works out for the best.

The Final Verdict

SandyKay Book Rating Scale by stars

My rating: 4 stars

Would I recommend? Yes

This is definitely one to watch and love.


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