Show Review – Metal Shop Masters

Metal Shop Masters

Netflix Original – Metal Shop Masters Show cover

Netflix Original – Metal Shop Masters

Show Description:

On this competition show, a group of metal artists torch, cut and weld epic, badass creations from hardened steel. Only one will win a $50,000 prize. 

My Take:

SK Show Review - Metal Shop Masters

Too many distracting irritations for this to be a true win.

This show is exactly the type of show I like – unique artistic medium, pretty lovable contestants, and learning a new skill. However, the judges were inconsistent and the host thought he was WAY funnier than he actually was. I can blame both on show writers and producers trying to get the edit they want, but it makes the whole thing less fun to watch.

Great watching the action, but boring with the challenges and judging.

The contestants were fun to watch. How often to you get to see someone create 10-foot-high metal sculptures with a welding torch?!? Not often enough, for myself. However, some of the challenges were too confusing and the judging was too varied to make me really care about the winners and who was sent home.

The Final Verdict

SandyKay Book Rating Scale by stars

My rating: 3 stars

Would I recommend? Eh…

This series is fine to binge, but I wouldn’t rewatch
or even care about another season.


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