SKewed Clues #84

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Welcome to Skewed Clues!

This is a collection of things I think about, find,
want to share, but don’t need a dedicated blog post for.


Things We Should Know

California nearly 100% powered by renewables for first time

The women of the Senate meet — for dinner

Watch SpaceX’s Crew-3 astronauts return home from International Space Station early Friday

Alito’s Roe attack betrays a medieval ignorance of ancient history

Russia’s continued war in Ukraine

Lift the Mood

Sound On!

Local Loves

I live in Houston. I love living in Houston.
Here’s were I share some of that love.

Sam Houston Race Park - Kentucky Derby 2022 - Derby hat Contest

Stake your spot at Kentucky Derby Day parties around Houston

Currently Listening To

10 Things I Hate About You by Leah Kate album cover

Currently Reading

To read any of my book reviews, check HERE.

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor by Xiran Jay Zhao book cover

Currently Watching

Moon Knight on Disney+ series marketing poster

Humans are Amazing

See you next time!


Recent Posts

  • Book Review – The Lazy Genius Kitchen
    Book review of The Lazy Genius Kitchen by Kendra Adachi which fully lives up to the hype.
  • Should We Put Away Childishness?
    In this crazy, fast-past, get-as-much-done-as-possible world in which we live in, we all have acquired the tendency to take the quick surface information and move on. How often we take someone else’s interpretation and run with it? I’m looking at a few phrases and sayings that have been twisted over time and have encouraged all of us to rush to ‘growing up.’ Perhaps that isn’t really the best way.
  • Book Review – Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor
    Book review of Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor by Xiran Jay Zhao, which is an incredible adventure from the get-go, with lines being blurred of everything the main character thought he knew.
  • SKewed Clues #84
    Skewed Clues #84 – A Round-up of Things We Should Know and Care About, Local Houston Loves, What I’ve Been Reading and Listening to, and Some Amazing Humans.
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
    As much as social media can be detrimental to my/your mental health, there are some useful resources available, too. Browse through this post and take what you need. Please remember: I’m here with you; I’m here for you.
  • Houston Adventures: Rose Therapeutic Farm & Goat Yoga
    On a recent Houston Adventure, our family visited Rose Therapeutic Farm and Goat Yoga for their Easter Egg Hunt with Goats. It was a fun-filled event with a variety of activities. A short drive just west of Katy, this is a destination worth the trip. Upcoming events look like they will also be a blast.
Sandy Kay - Mental Health Awareness Month

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