Book Review – All Pets Allowed

All Pets Allowed: Blackberry Farm 2
by Adele Griffin

All Pets Allowed: Blackberry Farm 2 by Adele Griffin book cover

All Pets Allowed: Blackberry Farm 2
by Adele Griffin

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Book Description:

More than anything else—even more than the best birthday party ever—Becket Branch wants a dog for her tenth birthday. But her twin brother, Nicholas, has secretly been wishing for a cat. Lucky for Becket and Nicholas, their animal-loving parents have an animal-loving surprise for them: they’re going to the local shelter and adopting both a cat and a dog. It should be the biggest BEAUTIFUL ALERT ever, but Becket’s dream dog, Dibs, turns out to be a super-shy scaredy-pooch who is going to need a lot of training. Meanwhile, Nicholas’s cat, Given, is more outgoing and attention-seeking than the just-for-him pet he was expecting.
Laugh along as Becket fishes mice out of Nicholas’s slippers, puts bullies in their place, and tries, and tries again, to train Dibs—all while learning new life lessons and keeping up with her other farm chores.

My Take:

I received a gifted advance reader copy of this book
to read in exchange for an honest review
as part of the book tour hosted by Algonquin books.

SK Book Review - All Pets Allowed

Fun examples of creative problem solving and compromise to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Throughout the book, Becket is very outgoing and exuberant. I was concerned that her character would be overbearing and overshadow everyone else. I am happy to admit that I was wrong. She IS a very energetic ten-year-old, but she is very good at also including her siblings and her friends in her excitement. She is great at working in a team and also helps to make sure some of her quieter friends are also involved in making decisions.

GREAT lessons about learning to understand someone who does not think or act like you.

Both Branch twins get the pet they’ve dreamed of getting, although that dream pet doesn’t have the personality they thought it would. Pets and family alike get a lesson in learning to recognize when your wishes are not the same as someone else’s – even if you think yours is best.

The Final Verdict

SandyKay Book Rating Scale by stars

My rating: 4 stars

Would I recommend? Yes

I definitely recommend this book for the fun, the humor, and the amazing ways Becket and Nicholas work together and each learn to embrace their own strengths.

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