Houston Adventures: Pompeii at HMNS

A few weeks ago, my family and I visited the Pompeii exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. My Child attended a handful of HMNS’s week-long summer camps this summer and she had visited the exhibit with her camp group, but she really wanted us to visit again as a family. This exhibition was very well done. Lots of information and artifacts, without being boring; a fun immersive portion of the exhibition; and amazing castings of the aftermath of the destruction.

Houston Adventures - Pompeii at HMNS

Exhibition Description

POMPEII: The Exhibition examines the lives of residents of Pompeii before and after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24th, 79 A.D. Visitors to the exhibition travel back in time when Pompeii bustled as a commercial port and strategic military and trading city. In a media-rich, object-based, immersive experience, learn how the people of Pompeii lived, loved, worked, worshipped and found entertainment.

The special exhibition features over 150 artifacts on loan from the collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum, including frescoes, mosaics, and statues from the sites hidden from view and forgotten for centuries until rediscovery over 250 years ago. The sudden disaster that destroyed Pompeii also preserved it and over time archaeologists have uncovered a unique record of its daily life — roads, buildings, municipal services, paintings, mosaics, artifacts, and even preserved bodies. Ongoing excavations at the site provides an ever-evolving picture of everyday life at the height of the Roman Empire.


Houston Museum of Natural Science

When you visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science, you’re not just going to one place. You’re exploring tropical rainforests and worlds galaxies away. You’re going back in time to when dinosaurs walked the Earth and blasting forward to the future of renewable energy. With five floors of permanent halls and a steady rotation of traveling special exhibits, this Houston attraction will take you beyond our walls to experience the wonder and delight of science. Browse our resources below for information on making the most out of your visit to this must-see location in Houston.


The Final Verdict

SandyKay Adventure Rating Scale by stars

Family Rating: 4 stars

Would we recommend? Yes.

There are just over two weeks of the exhibition
(closes on September 6, 2021),
so we definitely recommend visiting it if you have the chance.

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