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A few weeks ago, MyFamily made the trip to Smither Park in Houston, TX.

Now, I say “made the trip,” because even though we live in “Houston,” everything in Houston takes at least 20 minutes.

Smither Park, Houston, TX

Smither Park is a creative urban space that has developed with the help of artists and friends. Over 300 artists have contributed permanent mosaic masterpieces and the park serves as a testimony to the vibrancy and creativity of the city of Houston.

The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art preserves, promotes, and documents visionary art environments, provides opportunities for the expression of personal artistic vision, and creates a community where that expression is valued.
The Orange Show
The Beer Can House
Smither Park
The Houston Art Car Parade
The Orange Show Concert & Event Series

While we were there, everywhere we turned we found new, amazing, and sometimes hidden images. Here are just a few that grabbed our attention.

Smither Park, Houston, TX – Amphitheater

As the weather is becoming more tolerable, this would be an amazing place to take kids of all ages and have a scavenger hunt. Believe me, if you can think of an object, you will most likely find it somewhere in these gorgeous mosaics.

Smither Park, Houston, TX
Smither Park, Houston, TX – Houses

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