SKewed Clues #28

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This is a collection of things I think about, find,
want to share, but don’t need a dedicated blog post for.

Things We Should Know

Coronavirus x Trump

Pence new Coronavirus Czar – track record on public health questioned

Keeping Up with the Coronavirus

Scotland to become first country with free pads and tampons

Shooting at Molson Coors plant in Milwaukee

Indian street war between Muslims and Hindus

Turkey-Syrian Conflict continues

Harvey Weinstein found guilty on two counts

Democratic Candidates in South Carolina

Super Tuesday: What is it and why does it matter?



Things We Should Still Be Talking About

US-Mexico Border: Family Separation amounts to torture

Australian Bushfires: Fires destroyed 1/5 of continent’s forests

Brexit: Trade talks still troublesome

Democratic Candidates: Bloomberg’s record

Hong Kong Protests amid Coronavirus (update)

Lift the Mood

Local Loves

I live in Houston. I love living in Houston.
Here’s were I share some of that love.

Cookoff this weekend!

Currently Listening To

Pantsuit Politics: 5 Things You Need to Know About Medicare for All
Pantsuit Politics: 5 Things You Need to Know About Medicare for All

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Humans are Amazing

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