Book Review with MyChild – How to Be a Butterfly

How to Be a Butterfly
by Laura Knowles

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Book Review with MyChild!

Books are critically important in our family – the saying around here goes, “I am always willing to spend money on books and Legos.” As a refresher, MyChild is 7-years-old, in first grade, reads on her own, and her current favorite books to read are the DogMan series and Goosebumps.

I have had the privilege of review a couple Advance Reader Copy books through NetGalley and when I was recently searching for some new books to read, there were a few children’s books available. Of course, I could have just read these on my own and provided a review, but why not involves someone of the intended audience demographic. Here we go.

How to Be a Butterfly book cover

How to Be a Butterfly
by Laura Knowles

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from
Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Amazon Description:

Should a butterfly be big or small? Should it be bright and bold, or perfectly pale? A joyous, imaginative, yet informative non-fiction picture book about what it takes to be a butterfly – body parts, behavior and life cycle – with the underlying message that diversity is a wonderful thing and that, in fact, there are 20,000 ways to be a butterfly! With labelled butterflies throughout, there is plenty for young nature lovers to spot and explore time and again.

Our Review:

Mom: I was immediately drawn in by the cover of the book. #judgeabookbythecovereveryday

The artwork in this book is amazing. I will be purchasing a copy of this book just for the illustrations.

Beyond the pretty pictures, this book does a wonderful job showing the diversity of butterflies. “To be a butterfly, you need to be BIG!…our you could be small I suppose.” The different sizes, colors, shapes, and talents (camouflage, etc.) throughout the book can be used to accentuate how each of us are different and amazing, as well.

MyChild: I liked seeing all the parts of a butterfly. I couldn’t make my own tongue work like a proboscis, though.

Mom: While offering a fun overview and story of what it takes to be a butterfly, the inclusion of the scientific/Latin names of each butterfly in the book, the variations in appearance, and the life cycle of a butterfly makes this a perfect book to be included in any school or home library.

MyChild: Our science museum has a lot of the butterflies I saw in this book!

The Final Verdict

Our rating: 4 stars

Would we recommend? Yes

#HowtoBeaButterfly #NetGalley


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