Confession: Reading



One of my resolutions goals for 2018 is to read more. Specifically, one book per month. There was a time when I could do one book a week. Ah, the good ole days



I was taught to read when I was in Kindergarten. Nowadays this is typical and expected that children should be able to read some words before they enter kindergarten.

The year was 1987 and my sixth grade reading buddy Amy taught me how to read with Dr. Seuss.


I was one of 4 in my class who had this opportunity.

From that moment on, I devoured the written word.


In first grade, while most of my class was learning that e said eh like in exercise, I had my own reading group reading chapter books.


I’m sure it drove my parents crazy.

Books are not cheap.

Hell, I even worked in the town library throughout high school.


So, here’s my confession:

I’m a bit of a book snob.


I’m sorry. I admit it. I know it.


What usually ACCIDENTALLY happens is that I love books other people don’t care for and I dislike those people love.

For instance:

Our Freshman year of high school, our English class had to read Across Five Aprils. Standard curriculum. In case you didn’t have to read it, it’s a story about a family who endures the US Civil War from a variety of angles (one brother is on the “other” side). Honestly, it was not a bad read. HOWEVER…. we reached the end and the main character and his friend walk up the hill.

That’s it. Over 200 pages and they walk up the f*#&ing hill.


My friend and I were livid. Well, okay, we were fine, but we DID rouse up a lively debate. Not sure if our teacher was impressed that we got then entire class defending the book they didn’t want to read in the first place or annoyed that we were pointing out plot holes in his assignment.  Hmmm….

But, then:

In our sophomore English class we had to read Catcher in the Rye.

I apparently really like J. D. Salinger, because I really like this one.

Once again, we reach the end of the book. My teacher turns to my friend and I and we were both like:


This time, OUR CLASS couldn’t believe it.


Side note: I graduated in a class of 57 people, so we were all taking the same classes by the same teachers.

Some pointed out/recalled directly how we did NOT like Across Five Aprils because “they just walk up the hill,” [please read that with as much sarcasm as you possibly can] but that were were okay with Holden just going of on a train.


I dunno. Clearly I felt there was sufficient closure written into Catcher in the Rye.

Some things just cannot be explained.


So, What is a book or author that everyone seems to love that you just cannot stand?

OR visa versa, Who do you LOVE that no one else can understand?


Happy reading!


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