Staying Organized

How do you stay organized?



That seems about right.

We are a family of two adults, one child, and two dogs. And yet, that is what I feel like most of the time.

I mentioned one of my goals was to get more organized this year.

I am still going strong with my bullet journal, so I thought I would share my February layouts with you.

IMG_20180201_154327.jpgMonth Doodle (left) – this is just a space I try to let out some of my creativity. Some months I go all out with ink, crayon, marker, stamps, and/or washi tape and stickers. Some months this doesn’t even get the month’s name written down. It’s always a toss up.

Workout Tracker (right)super simple. I found this works best for me if I leave it quite open-ended. I write down the day I worked out, if it was at home or the gym, what type of workout (cardio, weights, yoga/Pilates), how long, and my RPE (rate of perceived exertion). I also left myself space to make notes about that workout. Sometimes these notes are how well or badly the workout went, changes I want to make for next time, or straight up “not feeling it today.”


Grid Calendar – I really like my list calendars (below), but I found I still prefer to see the weeks laid out in the grid for future planning. Somewhat redundant, but it works for me.


List Calendars – These work GREAT to be able to be able to see at a glance how things are lining up across my life. I can easily see if I have several work deadlines looming at the same time MyChild is going to have extra things at school…. and then I can hopefully plan accordingly. I do also set mini-goals for the month – little things I want to keep track of and do better at. One is read a book each month.


Cleaning Tracker – This one is for those things that probably don’t happen enough. When was the last time I dusted?!?! Oh, right.


Habit Tracker (top) – Pretty self explanatory, but I often like seeing other people’s trackers to get ideas of what I could be working on.

Health Tracker (bottom) – I do this one as a dot and line graph to track these four health contributors across the month. It’s all subjective – I don’t have a set description of what a #4 night of sleep means, I just sit down every day and think about how I felt I did the day before.

Weekly Layout – Here is that dutch-door layout I had mentioned before. Halfway through my notebook I realized a slight problem with this layout – I was removing sections of paper from the same area every time. It was starting to bend the cover. Ooops. So, now I alternate between having the week grid on the top and on the bottom. Everything is the same, just location is different.


I DO also have this gorgeous wall calendar from PaperSource in our “family command center” in our kitchen. It helps to have it present to keep track of business trips, class events, appointments, etc. that the whole family needs to be aware of.


If you think a bullet journal might be for you, I shared some of my favorite places to go for inspiration or direction HERE.


Here’s hoping you have a great day!





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