Friday Fives: Memories from Harvey


Happy Friday, y’all!

Why is it that short work weeks seem the longest? I am so exhausted and ready for a break. I hope you are doing well and have something fun planned (or not, if you prefer) for the weekend.

It is SO HARD to believe that at this time last week, we were just limping away from catastrophic flooding everywhere in and around Houston. I am deep in the survivor’s guilt and struggling to maintain my cool. Can anyone recommend a good therapist in the Houston area?  🙂

I have been and continue to worry about MyChild in the aftermath of all of that has been going on in her life. I have some good resources with things to watch for and how to respond as necessary.

However, I am also aware of the resiliency of children and their ability to come through things. (Disclaimer: please do not think I am minimizing any of the truly horrible thing people go through and children are subjected to. I am ONLY speaking about my OWN child and her nature here.)

MyHusband and I have had open conversations about MyChild and how to help her understand what is going on and what has happened. Then we each reference times in our own childhood when we only really remember the good/fun parts. Specifically, when I was in second grade, I got the chicken pox over Christmas break (thanks, Danielle), but the biggest thing I remember from that time was the Mickey Mouse Popsicle we got to eat.


Though, in the late 80s, Mickey was cherry, Donald was orange, and Goofy was grape. There was no Minnie in the ones we had. And no one liked grape, so we had a couple boxes of just grape popsicles for about a month or so after. Sorry, Goofy.

Here are five things I think MyChild is going to remember from dealing with Hurricane Harvey.

A Five-year-old’s Memories of Harvey

1. Unlimited cartoons and screen time


Bubble Witch Saga 3


Puppy Dog Pals


Descendents 2


2. As many Doritos as she wanted. 


At any time of the day. Breakfast? Sure, why not. Snack? Fine, just drink some water, too. I’m bored, can I have more? Okay. #awesomeparenting

3. Traffic


After the storm was the flooding and loosing several of our major roads on the west side of Houston. Trips that normally take us 20 minutes, were now over an hour. She is a Houston child and everywhere you want to go in Houston takes 20 minutes. #namethatmovie


She is a rockstar road tripper. Even if it is just in our city.

4. Using her new umbrella

The Easter Bunny brought her this umbrella and what better time to break it in than now?



Who doesn’t love splashing in puddles?


I hope you have a great weekend!

But, please continue to think about us on the Gulf Coast and


and please pray for those affected by the major earthquake in Mexico this morning.

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